MARIAH CAREY: SATURDAY 5TH OCTOBER – Pissouri Amphitheatre €17.00


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Want a Pop Star at your Party... The president of Angola Paid Mariah 1M....He could have got Jass Meagher...”

As The World's Best Mariah Carey Tribute and Lookalike, Jass has been on tour in Japan and recently opened for famous Boyband East 17 with her Mariah Carey Tribute on their UK tour performing all 18 of Mariah's #1 Hits. Incredibly she is soon to Star in LAS VEGAS in 2019 at the Tropicana with LEGENDS! She has also had her own run of diva tribute shows at the world's biggest arts festival, Edinburgh festival in Scotland and garnered international and national press for her live tribute performances across 194 countries; from USA to Europe, Dubai, and even Saudia Arabia.

" ...Mariah Carey's Best Double In The World"

"Mariah Carey double Wows fans..."
"The talented singer... can hit all the same high notes as the diva... "

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